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Meet the parents (by Jay Roach, 2000)

_______   Greg Focker (Ben Stiller), a modest nurse from Chicago, has lived for two months with the lovely Pam Byrnes and wants to get engaged with her. The young woman is delighted, but Greg has to get the consent of her father, Jack (Robert De Niro). Two weeks later, Greg and Pam go to the luxurious residence of the Byrnes. Pam's mother, Dina, is really friendly with Greg, but he immediately detects a certain coldness from Jack, who doesn't want to "give" his daughter to a stranger. Determined to win Jack's sympathy, Greg, nervous, steps up efforts to earn the respect of his stepfather, a former CIA agent, but all his amiability, all his jokes fall flat against this man possessive and paranoid.

















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